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Public Safety and Emergency Response

Ocean Reef Club has been described by the United States Secret Service as one of the most secure communities in the country. Through the Ocean Reef Public Safety program, residents and their guests are assured of a seldom-equaled level of security. The tranquil setting we all enjoy at Ocean Reef Club is greatly enhanced by the peace of mind our security systems allow. The Club is protected by water on three sides and by controlled access through the front gate on the fourth. Entry by land, sea and air is strictly monitored and only members and their guests are admitted. Because the Club has hosted Presidents, Vice-Presidents, other heads of state and numerous members of Congress, stringent security has become second nature at ORC

Each member of the ORC private security force is certified as a paramedic, emergency medical technician (EMT) or firefighter. Several are certified in all three specializations. Most also have law enforcement training. There is a presence of each trained skill in every shift, around the clock. In support of ORCA’s own officers, numerous other law enforcement agencies maintain a presence here: the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Coast Guard, Border Patrol, Miami-Dade County Police Department, Marine Patrol and the Park Service.

The Ocean Reef Public Safety ambulances, firefighting equipment and EMTs are all able to respond swiftly to emergency calls anywhere in the community. There are four full-time staff physicians at the Ocean Reef Medical Center where a close referral relationship is maintained with three Baptist Health Systems hospitals in the South Florida–Upper Keys region. Emergency air evacuation is part of that referral relationship.

Public safety and emergency response

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