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Linda Jaikins
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Giving back as a way of life...

The quality of life at Ocean Reef Club has prompted numerous acts of philanthropy, our delightful community being a constant reminder of how fortunate we ORC residents and members are. The Ocean Reef Community Foundation was born of many members’ wish to maximize the impact of their philanthropic efforts. The efficiency of The Foundation’s management itself has become a source of encouragement for contributions and bequests.

Every year the list of organizations and individuals who benefit from disbursements from OR Community Foundation funds continues to grow. In fact, new foundations grow out of the “parent” organization. An example: in 2007 The Wounded Warriors Foundation was created by two Ocean Reef Club residents to assist military veterans injured while serving the Country. WWF funds help those with severe injuries to prepare for reentry into society as productive citizens.

The people of Ocean Reef have always been involved in every aspect of the workings of our community and its needs as well as the needs of the wider community beyond our gates. Ocean Reef Club can be proud of the work of its charitable foundation and, most especially, of the willing support of its many members.

You are encouraged to visit The Ocean Reef Community Foundation’s website: www.orfound.org to learn more about its activities. Or you may call 305.367.4707.

Ocean Reef Charity Foundation

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